Module 4: Advanced Dental Photography

Module 4: Advanced Dental Photography


Ultra Dental Club is introducing to all the dentists who seek learning dental Photography in its professional way from the basics to the advanced in 2 running days:

Course Speakers :


Dr. Ahmed is an international speaker and a member in five international scientific societies in addition to the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.
He is a DSD certified cosmetic dentist with 24 years of experience in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. He obtained six postgraduate degrees in conservative and cosmetic dentistry including master degree, PhD and fellowship from the Royal College Of Dental Surgeons, UK, in addition to three higher diplomas in implantology and laser in dentistry.

Dr. Fady Hussein
MSc, PHD Orthodontics, MOrtho RCSED, FDS RCSED

He is a consultant in orthodontics with 18 years experience in orthodontics field. He became lecturer of orthodontics where he finished PhD in 2011. He was awarded fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, UK in the field of orthodontics.

Learning Objectives:
1- This course will cover all aspects of the use of digital photography in dental practice: intra-oral, extra-oral, and portraits. participants will be taken through photography, from the basics of choosing correct equipment and setting it up, to optimum settings, techniques for consistent imaging and the safe storage of images.
2- Learn the skills and techniques needed in this dental photography course to incorporate clinical and portrait photography into your dental practice
Basic photography skills with breakout sessions that will enable you to manually control the camera in natural light situations.
3- Hands-on practice capturing standardized views with various clinical lighting techniques and equipment.
4- Hands-on portrait photography workshop with both full studio lighting set-ups for larger spaces and simple light set-ups for offices without space for a dedicated studio.
5 -High end portrait photography and their use in motivational presentations will be demonstrated.
6- This program will also give participants, sufficient knowledge on how to master the photographic skills necessary for American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Accreditation.

7- All participants will take the AACD intra-oral photographic series, including portraits.
8- All photos will be evaluated prior to the completion of the course for self evaluation.
9- Tips and tricks on utilizing photography for laboratory communication from matching single incisors to full mouth rehabilitations.
10- The most recent techniques in dental photography and lighting that will make your pictures stand out and your dentistry look extraordinary.
11- How to integrate DSLR video and Digital Smile Design techniques into presentation and communication with the patient, laboratory and restorative team.
12-Intra-oral tips and strategies for quality images.
13-How to get predictable results every time.
14-How to see as an artist and make ordinary people look and feel extraordinary.