Training Period

Training period is 6 months, the whole period must be completed continuously in order to get the certificate.

1- The trainee will spend 1 or 2 month in each room rotationally according to the available shifts and his/her interest.

2- Supervisor doctors for each clinic will evaluate the trainee and feedback from any member of the team will be considered.

3- Evaluation depends on certain criteria to be settled and revised with the head of training department.


Ultra Dental Care shifts are:

-Morning shifts from 10 am till 4 pm

-Night shifts from 4 Pm till 10 pm

Trainee Duties and Responsibilities:

The trainee should be:

1- Responsible to check the shifts’ appointments via the easy dental automated system.

2- Responsible to set the room prior the patients’ entrance, prepare the bracket table with all the tools/ instruments and materials needed.

3- Responsible for checking the infection control measures in the room prior to each patient’s visit.

4- Having a 15-minute huddle meeting with the room’s doctor and assistant before starting the case.

5- Helping his dentist by handing them instruments and materials when needed during the appointment.

6- Helping the doctor with suction in a professional way.

7- Processing the x-ray and performing OPGs.

8- Helping the assistant to put away the used instruments/ tools in the corresponding box to be collected in the sterilization room,

for the sterilization cycle held by the room’s dental assistant who attended the case.

Certificate and Celebration

Trainee will get a signed certificate after he/she completes the whole training period

Certificate will include:

1-Date starting the training program.

2-Date of finishing the training program.