What is Ultra Dental Club ?

Ultra Dental Club for continuous dental education is one of the topnotch high quality dental educational institutes in Egypt and the Middle East, was founded in 2011by Dr. Ahmed AbdelHalim El Sayed.


Aim of Ultra Dental Club 

To meet the highest international standards through continuous upgraded dental education, train and to present a new unique high quality practice model in Egypt and the Middle East.


Vision of Ultra Dental Club

Leading the dental market in Egypt and the Middle East in teaching and training dentists and dental staff to have the highest levels of national and international educational standards, as well as high quality dental practice.


Missions of Ultra Dental Club

  •  Prepare, train, and encourage fresh graduates and graduated dentists  by continuous education to reach the highest international level of quality.
  •  Prepare Ultra dental model and set the quality standards.
  •  Teach our staff and people all over the world our new model of leadership, teamwork and quality standards.


Ultra Dental Club activities  are divided into:


Course Modules

Training Program

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